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One of the initial challenges that our team of interior designers faced in this project was the fact that the furnishings are mostly done. We were left with very little space to exhibit our potential. Taking the challenge in a positive stride, we managed to create a spacious unit to our client’s liking but at the same time not deviating from the original interior design concept the condo intends to portrait.

Interior Space planning was quite an issue due to the irregularity of the living space , making it difficult to segregate 2 spaces  in the same area. The right choice of backdrop feature colour and furnishing colours did the trick!

Mirrors were cleverly placed to create an illusion of a bigger  interior space.  False ceiling makes the space much neater by concealing all the wirings. However the disadvantage of having false ceiling is that it will bring down the original ceiling height thus making the space much smaller. We solved that problem by installing cove lightings. This instantly illuminates the interior space and at the same time eliminating the stuffiness of low overheads.

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